#MeToo has changed my family.

by TJ Banner

I want to start off by saying, I have not been a victim of Sexual Abuse, and can not even begin to understand the pain it may cause.

It is always amazing to me how narrow minded all of us can be, for better or for worse. Sometime being narrow minded may allow focus when no one else understands, you can stick to it. Other times, being narrow minded takes away your experiences in life. I am not saying I have been narrow minded, just unaware recently. I was not helping.

The recent movement of creating awareness for sexual abuse has truly changed me. I would consider myself as a very open minded person and generally staying pretty aware of current and evolving events. But nothing could prepare me for what I learned these last couple weeks. I was completely clueless of how common Sexual Abuse is, no matter what gender.

To everyone who has been a victim of Sexual Abuse and has talked about it, I Thank You. I Thank You because I feel more aware and open to this hidden danger. I am able to have conversations with me children that I never thought to have this early in their lives. Your courage has made a difference.

To everyone that may think to claim they were abused, but were not just to get attention. Please do not disrespect everyone that has experienced Sexual Abuse in their life, reach out and support them if they need it.