About Us


We are the Banner family. My wife and I , Tami, have been married for 11 Years. We have 6 children together. Cameron, Hailey, Hunter, Cassidy, Scarlett, and Saige. We had our first child together when I was 22, and Tami was 20. This of course has been a journey for us all. Through having children we have also spent a lot of time finding ourselves, while also finding out how to be a married couple.

Tami and I were always told that we were old souls and acted more mature then our age. The lessons we have learned is why I decided to Vlog, and share my our life  journey. We have learned so much so quickly and have so much to share. Life is what you make it, the positive and the negative. We have lived in 5 states and have loved the lessons the moves have brought to our family.

My professional experience has taken me to many places. After spending a lot of my time working. Tami and I realized that we want to make a change. I stepped down from my Director position and sought out the best work life blend for our family. This decision stemmed from our choice to homeschool our children. We truly believe that the freedom and empowerment our kids experience will prepare them for the world they are going to grow up in.

Follow our journey of family, homeschooling, inspiration, fun and opportunity.

Love, The Banner Family